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bbin体育Pelvis out of alignment: Why is this important?

Why does this cause back pain? The pelvis being out of alignment is the underlying cause of most neck and back pain。 Having a level, stable pelvis with normal alignment is key for avoiding back and neck pain as well as pain in related areas like sciatica and symptoms in the arms and hands。 The pelvis is the foundation of [。。。]

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bbin体育Lower Back Workouts

When working the lower back muscles we want to increase core strength and mobility without causing pain or dysfunction. So many of my patients come to me with low back and neck pain as a result of working out improperly in the gym, or doing yoga or pilates improperly. Core strengthening is very important as it helps to [...]

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Twisted Pelvis and Treatment

What is a twisted pelvis and how does one end up with one? A “twisted pelvis” is a three dimensional mechanical dysfunction. It can happen as a result of trauma, pregnancy and delivery or simple muscle imbalance. It is a very common problem and is often the underlying cause of low back pain, mid back pain and [...]

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Lumbar Stabilization Exercises

bbin体育As mentioned in the article, “Lumbar Stabilization”, a stable lumbar spine is important to decrease and prevent low back pain, dysfunction, disease and degenerative conditions of the lumbar spine。 A stable lumbar spine is created by doing lumbar stabilization exercises。 The lumbar spine and pelvis work together in conjuction。 A stable pelvis creates a stable lumbar spine。 The [。。。]

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